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I am Kelly "Joe" Ellis. I am also known as Kelly Pete Ellis, Kelly Ellis, and Joe Ellis. I am associate with and other online mugshot and mugshot removal and fraudulent online SEO industries. I own, Clean-Search, removemugs, and removemugshots. I am also a disbarred Florida attorney.

I attempted to extort Norman Haga to remove mugshot images from my and other websites. Norman responded by starting a website to refute the honesty of the online mugshot industry, the collusion between the mugshot industry and the mugshot removal extortion scheme, and also exposing how my knowingly creates false information against a person with the intent of extorting them to cover or remove that information.

I knowingly misappropriated Norman Haga's name and diluted the trade name of Norman's website in an attempt to extort Norman into shutting down his website and to extort money out of him. In the furtherance of my efforts, I deliberately posted seven pictures allegedly of him. I knew at the time I did this that four of the picture were not of Norman, and that the remaining three pictures were posted by Norman as a test of the system when he was employed by the Utah Department of Corrections developing the SONAR system that privately transmits images of offenders between law enforcement agencies.

I knowingly, and falsely connected connected a 2009 picture of Norman with a 1995 case involving the name "Norman Haga" and provided that information to and my own mugshot website

I knowingly generated as much false information, using the online pseudonyms of davidkean00, davidkean02, and J AR about Norman as I could. I posted that false information anyplace that would give me forum space.

In the pursuit of my efforts to extort Norman, I employed a botnet that I built that is situated on the following URL's,, and I am building another node of the botnet at

Through the botnet I listed above, I push SPAM, virus, and trojan keyloggers with the intent of stealing financial data. You may check the danger of my botnet through McAfee site advisors; there are warnings.

I just wish Norman would lay down and roll over rather than making my job as a dishonest business man more difficult.

Review about: Fraudulent Online Reputation Management.



Notice that the comment below was written by Salt Lake City, but the author claims to have moved to Phoenix. How obvious of a lie does one need?


Notice that the comment below was written in Salt Lake City, Uath but the author claims to live in Pheonix, Az.The author clams to have been in the DA's office.

In what capacity?

He has already shown himself to be a liar.:cry


I lived in SLC before I moved to Phoenix, and norman haga is nothing but a thief. A two-bit conman, I know, I was in the DA's office in many related cases.

His record as a career criminal will never end in my opinion.

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